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Fix your transmission FAST

Is your "check engine" light flashing?

Is your car slipping, stalling, failing to reverse, or making loud noises? These are just a few signs of a transmission problem. Come in at the first sign of transmission problems to have your car checked and repaired. Waiting can lead to serious damage and costly repairs.

Get expert transmission repairs

Transmission repairs can range from a simple adjustment to an extensive repair.


Our ASE certified mechanics can fix all transmission problems:

    -    Complete transmission rebuild

    -    Manual and automatic transmissions

    -    Clutch repair and replacement


You can also get fast electrical repairs.

Learn about our warranties


With 3 year / 100k warranties available.

You don't have to worry about breaking down a few miles down the road.

Get rid of your transmission problems TODAY

To avoid expensive repairs in the future, come in regularly for routine maintenance. Oil changes and smog inspections are also available when you make an appointment.